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Having progressed from a small workshop with a handful of employees to an internationally recognised brand name, we understand the effect production can have on the environment. In that light, we aim to stay proactive when it comes to minimising our environmental footprint. 

Since 2001, we have been distributing free tree saplings from our flagship showroom to anybody who may wish to plant them. Our free nursery stocks only indigenous tree species for the benefit of our local flora and fauna. We are proud to say that, till date, we have distributed and planted several times more saplings than the number of trees we have consumed. Several thousand trees have also been planted by us along the entirety of Kalamkaar Road and on Ferozepur Road, as well as in a small urban forest a short walk away from our flagship showroom.

The rainwater collecting reservoirs called “gharkis” across our manufacturing facility ensure healthy groundwater levels for our huge and ancient trees, even in dry times. All our gharkis connect to a well on our premises, which has enough water year-round for our showroom and manufacturing for us to be off-grid!


Apart from paid apprenticeships offered in nearly all our production departments, we have a school on our manufacturing premises that provides education from primary years, all the way through to final grades. A cash incentive and snack programme ensures student attendance. Our students are primarily family members of our craftspeople, or from farming families that live in our neighbouring vicinities.

Sustainability By Kalamkaar