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Inspiration for Designing your Dream Bedroom

Inspiration for Designing your Dream Bedroom

Inspiration for Designing your Dream Bedroom

Furnishing a bedroom can be a hassle; it requires a significant amount of time and effort. One
needs to give utmost attention and focus on the tiniest details. A room is a sanctuary for a
person, a space they can rely upon. For that, furnishing is the key element to creating a safe
haven for a family.

Decorating a bedroom with the best furniture layout might seem overwhelming, as there is a
vast variety to select from. One might find oneself being indecisive; however, it can also be fun
and entertaining. This task can be done with enthusiasm, and you might even be exhilarated.
Below are some major key points to keep in mind while furnishing a bedroom.


While furnishing, you need to take accurate measurements of the room you desire to furnish.
Measurements play a vital role; noting down the correct calculations guides you to choose
suitable furniture pieces for a specific area. Keep a notepad in hand and jot down the sizes and
dimensions of your room.

Note down the measurements of each wall along with the ceiling height. Keep in mind the
number of windows in your room and the type of door you may have, whether a regular swing
door or sliding door.

If you already have furniture in your bedroom, take measurements according to that area.
Empty bedrooms aren’t complicated to assess. Making a list of the measurements helps you visualize the room when it is time for furniture placement. This way, you will be able to tell if a furniture item will fit in a specific area or not.

At Kalamkaar, we have professional interior designers who can visit your place for measurements; this service is absolutely free of cost. You are not obligated to follow our order; however, it may be beneficial for you. You can ask for a consultation from our experienced employees; it will be our pleasure to accommodate you.

Theme and Colour Palette

Selecting a theme and color palette should be next on your list. You need to decide what theme
you want for your bedroom and what color palette you prefer. Choosing a theme can be done by
studying and researching different ideas; for instance, a modern theme or a traditional look or an
ancient classical theme. There are a ton of designs to choose from. Pick a theme that fits your
style, in which you would want to wake up every morning. A theme that is pleasant to your eyes
and plasters a smile on your face.

Choosing a different color palette for each design will lend your bedroom an exotic and striking
look; however, choosing neutral colors will facilitate an elegant and decent aspect.

There is a wide range of choices one can select from, vibrant colors that will captivate your
visitors’ attention. Color palette and theme go hand in hand; they correlate with each other. You
need to create a cohesive and visually appealing bedroom.

Kalamkaar offers a wide range of designs; we have a plethora of styles from contemporary to
modern. You are welcome to visit our showrooms any day of the week and have a look; our
sales consultants will assist and meet all your demands. They will give you the best advice and
ideas regarding our designs.


Having a budget is very important; you have to keep an estimated amount in your mind.
Budgeting is encouraged as it helps you save time and choose the right furniture without any
complications. You need to be sure of how much you’re willing to spend on your bedroom and
how flexible you can be with it. Being frugal with your budget won’t hinder your ability to style
your room.

You can still attain a decent amount of furniture that will complement your area; don’t let this
issue prevent you from having a luxurious room. The key element is not to mess up your
calculations; figure out what furniture pieces you wish to keep and select items that relate back
to your budget.

Kalamkaar offers the best value for your money as it is our priority to give our customers the
best quality furniture.

Start with the Significant Items First

It is recommended to begin with the main items you want in your room, for instance, your bed
set, side tables, dresser, settee, and many other items. Starting with the prominent pieces first is
advantageous, ensuring a clear mind and avoiding confusion in your design process. Choosing
everything at once would result in chaos, and you’ll feel frustrated and anxious.

Once you’re done with the main items and you are content with it, then move on to the next
items. This way, your attention won’t be diverted; you’ll be ahead of yourself and see the
progress you have made so far.

After wrapping up this task, move on to the smaller items. For instance, if you want a small
coffee table or a settee of some type, you can select any type of furniture piece, test out
different types of them to ascertain which of them have potential in your room.

At Kalamkaar, we have a vast collection of furniture items that you can place in your empty
space. A mirror will bring a certain charm to your room; you can place an uplighter in a corner or
a TV console. If you have a spacious room, then you can add a sofa for the sitting area; we
have a huge selection of sofas that can make your room look livelier. You can envision different
types of items, a coffee table with a chair, or a sofa with a table. A TV console will help with the
vacant area.

Draw a Floor Plan

Drawing a rough floor plan will help you picture your room furniture layout; you will be capable of
imagining what your room would look like once the furniture is placed in its assigned area.
Place the furniture according to your liking and go through with it to see the final furniture
placement. If things don’t seem to work, then try a different layout and see how things work out
for you.

See which placement suits you more and has more potential; finalize your layout and start with
the working right away. Drawing a floor plan is highly suggested as it guides you on how your
room is going to turn out; you will have the ability to view the room from different angles and

Discuss the floor plan with a professional interior designer as they are adept in that field. Our
interior designers draw a rough floor plan on sight while they’re on a visit and later on they work
up on their presentation and draw the floor plan on AutoCAD for a neat experience. Once the
floor plan is ready, we invite our customers and showcase our ideas and have a thorough
discussion regarding furniture placement.

We advise not to make your room too crowded and busy; it would be too harsh on the eyes.
Having a jam-packed room results in mayhem. You should be able to move freely in your
personal area without the fear of bumping into unnecessary items. Our consultants are well
acquainted with floor plans, so rest assured; they will have the best layout for your dream room.

Little Accessories that Brighten Up your Room

Small accessories in your room allow it to be relatable and give it a unique touch. They reveal
your personality and don’t make your room look bland and empty. It helps create a peaceful
atmosphere and promotes relaxation and a delightful ambiance.

Try adding bold items; selecting a large piece of decoration or a bright one would make your
room extravaganza. Keep in mind that you want an eye-catching room that accommodates your

Here at Kalamkaar, we have big statement pieces such as floor lamps, unique terracotta’s,
massive mirrors, panels on the walls that will lend your room a comprehensive look.

Keep an Open Mind

While furnishing, keep your options open. Try to expand your horizon and explore different
ideas. Research on different types of themes and color palettes and study them thoroughly. See
what is best for you; try to add some spice in your room. Come out of your comfort zone and
make an effort to try something new and innovative.

If you’re tired of the same repeated themes and colors, then adopt a new style and design. See
what color combination goes hand in hand and do some crazy experiments with it. Go through
various designs, and you’ll develop a liking for different furniture types.

The main topics to keep in mind are explained above; one should be able to furnish their
bedroom without any hesitation and issue. You now have the ability and knowledge to select according to your preferences without the assistance of anyone else.

Following these steps will lead to a marvelously furnished bedroom, a comfortable and safe
haven for you to live in.

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